V-2 For CG2 is the second generation of VerbanDrillstop designed for Keyless guided surgery using Densah Burs. Unlike the original VerbanDrillstop it is not handpiece specific and allows 6 different drill depths as planned in guided surgery software. Plan your implant placement and calibrate your drilling depth. Choose the stop which will allow your planned drilling depth. The vertical is controlled when the bottom of the lip meets the top of the surgical guide. The stops are designed to be compatible with the small, medium and large CG2 openings. The small stop has an OD of 4.46 mm. The medium has an OD of 5.25mm and the large has an OD of 5.95mm

  1. Insert Densah Bur into Handpiece
  2. Measure from the base of the handpiece to the tip of the Densah Bur. Measurement will vary depending on the make and model of handpiece.
  1. Place 0 stop on Densah Bur and Measure from the Base of the stop to the tip of the drill. This will be approximately .5mm less than the 1st measurement.
  1. Stop #1 will be 1mm less than 0 stop
  2. Stop #2 will be 2mm less
  3. Stop #3will be 3mm less
  4. Stop #4 will be 4mm less than 0 stop

Plan your implant and calculate your drilling depth.  Choose the stop which will be equal to your needed drilling depth.

Stops will allow 6 different drilling depths depending on which stop is used.

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