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VerbanDrillstops are made specific for many different implant drills.  The stops are specific for drill type and handpiece type.

For the Noris Implant system the stops are available for the short and long drills.  For the short drills they are available for 6-8-10 mm osteotomies and for the long drills they are available in 6-8-10-11.5-13mm osteotomies.

Handpieces compatible with Noris drills and VerbanDrillstops are as listed:

  • Nouvag Push Button
  • NSK SGM 20:1
  • X-Cube Push Button
  • Tealth 20:1 LED
  • Tealth —-available on website $250

Each stop is compatible with the 1.5mm pilot–2mm–2.8mm–3.2mm and 3.65mm drills.

The outside diameter of the stop is 5.27 mm. When used with CBCT generated surgical guides the recommended opening (internal diameter) of the guide should be between 5.3 and 5.5mm.  The larger opening will provide direction of axis with no binding of the stop with the guide.

Directions For Use:

VerbanDrillStops instructional sheet