NO! The VerbanDrillstop is drill and hand piece specific. Drills come in various lengths and hand piece turbines vary is size.
The 2.0/2.3 does not have a transition zone to prevent the stop from sliding off the drill. The o-ring creates a transition zone to hold the stop.

Stops can be made is various diameters to accommodate various mesial-distal widths. For example a lateral incisor width is much smaller than a molar.. The larger the outside diameter the larger the drill can be compatible with the stop.
The smallest diameter stop is 3.5mm OD. This diameter will allow up to the SD 2.8 and is used for lateral incisor and lower anteriors.
The most common is 5.27 mm OD and can be used in 90 percent of the cases and will accommodate up to the SD4.8
The largest diameter stop is 6.0mm and will accommodate up to SD 5.4
Yes stops are available for both lengths .