2 08, 2015

Immediate Placement #4 Implant Direct Legacy 2

2017-11-02T16:10:14+00:00August 2nd, 2015|Model Based Surgical Guide, Posterior|0 Comments

Hopeless case of resorption.  Extraction with immediate placement, one stage surgery using the carrier to create a custom healing abutment. Verban Drillstop used to limit depth of osetotomy. The drillstop allows you to focus on the axis of placement and eliminates the need to look for depth markings on the drill. […]

1 08, 2015

Maxillary implant supported denture

2017-11-02T16:10:15+00:00August 1st, 2015|Maxillary Locator Denture|0 Comments

The 50 year old male presented himself with a full maxillary denture. His chief complaint —“I cannot wear this denture because of my gag reflex. I need to get my life back—What can be done? I explained all the options of implants with fixed and removable along with the cost of each option. The […]