26 12, 2018

V-2 Instructions For Densah Burs

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V-2 For CG2 is the second generation of VerbanDrillstop designed for Keyless guided surgery using Densah Burs. Unlike the original VerbanDrillstop it is not handpiece specific and allows 6 different drill depths as planned in guided surgery software. Plan your implant placement and calibrate your drilling depth. Choose the stop which will allow your planned […]

7 03, 2016

Immediate Placement Using Densah Burs

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This case illustrates immediate placement if properly executed can be a predictable option in implant dentistry. A key ingredient is bone preservation combined with expansion. This can be accomplished with various tools such as compactors and rotary osteotomes. I have used all of these tools and found the Densah Burs […]

2 08, 2015

Verban Drillstops vs Keys in Guided Surgery Advantages of Drillstops

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CBCT offers several advantages including 3-dimensional assessment of alveolar ridge . A CBCT image permits careful measurement of mesiodistal,buccolingual and occlusogingival dimension of the implant site which can be of tremendous benefit when transferred to a surgical guide generated from this data. There are many types of surgical guides and most require the use […]

2 08, 2015

Verban Drillstops with Cerec Milled Guides

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For those who have the technology to mill their own surgical guides from Ct scans the Verban Drillstop allows the surgery to be performed without the need for a special surgical kit and allows you to use standard surgical drills.

2 08, 2015

#7 ,10 Immediate Placement with Graft of Labial Plate

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Bridge from #6 to #10 with abscess on #7 and repaired fracture of porcelain on #10. Bridge removed for evaluation and treatment planned for removal of #7 and 10 with immediate placement of Legacy 3 Implant in #10 with graft of defect in #7 followed with Essix Retainer […]

2 08, 2015

#12-13-14 Verban Drillstop and Guide

2017-11-02T16:10:14+00:00August 2nd, 2015|Blue Sky Bio, Delayed Placement, Grafting, Multiple Implants, Posterior|0 Comments

#12-13-14 extracted with socket preservation using Grafton and cytoplast PTFE membrane.  #12 extracted resorbable membrane tucked into socket to seal defect on buccal followed with graft material and collagen plug to contain graft material. #13 and 14 were extracted three months later due to financial restraints. After 3 months 13 and 14 were extracted […]

2 08, 2015

#28 Extraction, graft of buccal defect, BSB implant with delayed approach

2017-11-02T16:10:14+00:00August 2nd, 2015|Blue Sky Bio, Grafting, Model Based Surgical Guide, Posterior|0 Comments

#28 with vertical root fracture and large apical lesion.  This is not a situation for immediate placement.  There are many grafting products on the market and this case illustrates how to regenerate the buccal defect with graft material and a non-resorbable membrane